Fiscal Responsibility and Protecting Taxpayers

Irresponsible spending and borrowing has brought us to the debt crisis we are now facing at nearly every level of government.  Connecticut families deserve better. That’s why I’ve voted to end tax breaks and wasteful subsidies for big oil and big agriculture companies. And that’s why as a member of the state legislature, I gave back 10% of my salary to the taxpayers. We need a smart, balanced approach to reduce our deficit and support middle class families. I’m a proud cosponsor of the No Budget No Pay Act, because Congress should not get paid unless they do their job and pass a budget. I also voted to freeze my pay in Congress and do not receive taxpayer-funded health insurance. 

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  • I promise to always fight to keep Connecticut families, like Denada Rondos, together.
  • Today, I'm happy to announce that a YMCA scholarship will be named in honor of my father.
  • @Merrill4NB Good people can run and win everywhere - we just need you to try.
  • @Merrill4NB And in Sherman, a determined, focused campaign elected Don Lowe First Selectman.
  • @Merrill4NB From Newtown to New Fairfield, we’re seeing incredible energy from local activists stepping up for the first time.