Energy and Environment

It is both an enormous challenge and also a great opportunity for our country to put itself on the forefront of developing alternative energy sources AND improving greater energy efficiency. We just can’t afford to ignore the dangers of climate change and the consequences of our nation’s dependence on dirty fossil fuels. It’s time to invest in clean energy technologies to revitalize American manufacturing, create good-paying jobs, and protect our children’s future.


Protecting Connecticut’s Environment

In April 2016, the Senate passed the Lower Farmington River and Salmon Brook Wild and Scenic Act, a bill I introduced along with Murphy and Rep. John Larson. By creating a U.S. National Park Service protective designation for the Lower Farmington River and Salmon Brook, this bill will protect one of Connecticut’s most important environmental and economic treasures for future generations.
In September, I successfully included two amendments in the 2016 Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), one to authorize the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to form a comprehensive management plan for restoring water ecosystems along the North Atlantic Coast from Maine to Virginia and the other directs the Army Corps to implement a corrosion prevention strategy for our nation’s infrastructure, including water and sewer systems.

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